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  • keyboard

    USB Keyboard Project

    A PCB designed to reuse old matrix keyboards and give them USB interfaces.

    FIXME - More information goes here :-S

  • mrtg treeview

    This project provides a front end for displaying many MRTG graphs using a treeview

  • pcp

    This project has extensions to the Performance CoPilot software. Right now, this is simply my SNMP gateway. For more information about Performance CoPilot, see

    GIT repositories:

  • wconsd

    wconsd is a single, simple, Windows program that turns any PC into a telnet to serial server. Using this program, you can access any serial port on the PC over the network.

    When I found wconsd wconsd-0.1 it had been unchanged for several years and it originally came from somewhere else (wconsd.c) some years before that. I have fixed some bugs I found and as well as cleaning up the code I am slowly improving on it to make it more widely useful....

Also available in: Atom