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Latest revisions

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c8b98c21 2010-04-07 11:38 Hamish Coleman

Munin xsizes are confusing - document this

f62e9a91 2010-04-07 11:38 Hamish Coleman

Change munin sorting to be slightly less annoying

08f54d40 2010-03-19 17:08 Hamish Coleman

Add a basic sort order to the (unsorted) munin datasource

1b114acb 2010-03-19 16:54 Hamish Coleman

Add a quick implementation of a munin datasource

a88cab50 2010-03-19 16:53 Hamish Coleman

Allow overriding the calculated filenames and urls - this will allow a quick hack to add a munin datasource

3aae3ad6 2010-03-19 16:51 Hamish Coleman

Allow null x and y size - this allows deletion of the default values

f32530f7 2009-11-10 18:13 Hamish Coleman


301039da 2009-03-11 20:41 Hamish Coleman

Add first pass at a javascript indexpage

b279eb9a 2009-03-02 16:56 Hamish Coleman

Identify ourselves in the metadata and add to installation target

d150e4ed 2009-03-02 16:48 Hamish Coleman

Hide non public objects, rename global items to be more obvious

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