From 2008-03-19 to 2008-04-17


22:47 Bug #18 (Closed): menu interpreter cannot handle receiving CR LF
When using telnet in linemode, the telnet process appears to send both a CR and a LF to the remote system. This is n... Hamish
22:44 Bug #17 (Closed): No telnet option processing is done
Connecting to the server using a standard telnet client results in some garbage as the client attempts option processing Hamish
22:42 Bug #16 (Closed): Extra line is seen after every enter
pressing enter appears to be interpreted by the serial device as two enters. Hamish
17:44 Revision ff03d660: Newer version from
Hamish Coleman
17:43 Revision 78d4c0b0: Original version from
Hamish Coleman

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