wconsd is a small application that will turn any windows PC into a simple serial port server. You can just telnet to the workstation and use the serial ports remotely. You can download wconsd by going to the Files tab above and downloading the most recent version.

To start using wconsd, just run the executable. For long term usage, there is also a Windows Service mode that will automatically start wconsd when the windows system starts up.

Quick Start Instructions

  1. launch wconsd: Simply double-click on the executable. This will launch the wconsd server in a terminal window. wconsd can optionally be started with command-line options to modify its operation.
  2. Determine the server IP address and Port: When starting up, wconsd will print out the hostname, IP address and port number that it is listening on
  3. Connect to the server from a remote computer: just use telnet to connect to the correct hostname. As soon as you connect, a quick help menu will be shown.
  4. Connect through to the serial port: Use the command "open" to connect to the serial port By default, the serial port will be COM1: but that can be changed using the "port" command.
  5. Finish up: To stop using the serial port, just quit your telnet session.

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