Build Environment

I am using the MinGW compiler to build this project under windows. I was not able to find a MinGW quick-start guide on their web site and their download page appears instead to provide a lesson in history. Therefore, I have written up the exact steps that I used to get a working build environment here:

  1. Install MinGW (Use the Automated MinGW installer from
    1. Add mingw make to the list of components to install
  2. Add C:\MinGW\bin to the system PATH
  3. copy C:\MinGW\bin\mingw32-make.exe to C:\MinGW\bin\make.exe
  4. Install putty
    1. Add putty to the system PATH

I also use the Wine environment under linux to perform build tests - these binaries can behave significantly differently to a pure windows binary, so I need to do final builds on a Windows system. I have also been meaning to install MinGW on linux and start building like that, but since I need a real windows system to test the serial port access routines, I will probably continue building on the windows system for some time.

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