From 2008-03-24 to 2008-04-22


13:30 Revision 4cb40453: Clean up messages and provide better help information
Hamish Coleman
10:34 Feature #23 (Closed): Support "send break" sequence
10:31 Revision 997564ce: Implement send break function (closes #23)
Hamish Coleman
10:29 Feature #27: redesign internal command processor to be extensible
Use libcli Hamish
09:45 Revision 2d552dd4: Implement the ability to kill existing connections
This is a new command to force quit any current serial connection Hamish Coleman


19:52 Feature #26: list available com ports
Look at
also, this example code:
00:00 Feature #26 (New): list available com ports
it should be possible to request a list of available serial ports, including some current status for each one Hamish
19:16 Bug #30 (Closed): Some clients still cause two lines to be seen by the serial device
19:12 Bug #30 (Closed): Some clients still cause two lines to be seen by the serial device
It turns out that I was only testing against one client and this was the client that sent CR NUL. Testing against pu... Hamish
19:16 Revision 201f6e65: Uncook CRLF sequences into plan CR in net_to_com
My testing had been done with the linux telnet client and it sent CR NUL
as the end-of-line character sequence. Both...
Hamish Coleman
19:15 Feature #32 (New): Mangle outbound net data to escape special characters
Currently, no escaping is done on data from serial to net, this could cause confusion when binary data is received fr... Hamish
19:14 Feature #31 (Closed): Implement a raw mode that does not mangle any recieved data
currently, there are three mangles performed on incoming net data - first telnet option processing, then CR NUL to CR... Hamish
18:46 Bug #20 (Closed): cannot return to menu
18:46 Bug #16 (Closed): Extra line is seen after every enter
18:46 Revision 14e838ba: Update version number
Hamish Coleman
18:45 Revision 3eb633b1: Add telnet processing to serial-data-pump. Add ability to exit back to menu.
There is still a lot of cleanup work remaining from here. We do not need the
menu thread, we should run the menu fro...
Hamish Coleman
15:34 Bug #19 (Closed): more than one connection causes wierdness
Using the new connection model mostly fixes this problem. Any future issues should be considered a regression Hamish
15:33 Revision aaba0a4c: Migrate threads to new connection model, allowing multiple connections.
This is the first part of migrating the two threads to use the new
connection table. This change also rips out a lot...
Hamish Coleman
13:07 Revision 4450bbca: Minor build fixups
Hamish Coleman
00:28 Feature #29 (New): Stop wconsd via a network command
Since I expect that this will be very useful for remote support situations, the network command line should allow you... Hamish
Original zip file from Hamish
00:11 Revision 83cf653a: Update copywright and version
Hamish Coleman
00:07 Bug #28 (Closed): automatic help screens
using a extensible command processor, automatically generate context sensitive help Hamish
00:03 Feature #27 (New): redesign internal command processor to be extensible
Move from a big if/strcmp/else list to a register()/find()/exec() interface. This would allow automatically generate... Hamish


23:58 Feature #25 (Closed): Full featured command line editing
Support for home, end, up, down, ctrl-u, ctrl-w, del, delete. Up and Down should access a command-line history Hamish
23:52 Bug #16: Extra line is seen after every enter
Implementing this will require a cooked data processing mode - thus allowing telnet option processing in serial-data-... Hamish
23:35 Bug #16: Extra line is seen after every enter
This is due to the telnet end of line processing - Telnet specifies that end of line will either be CR LF or CR NUL, ... Hamish
23:37 Bug #19: more than one connection causes wierdness
There is less weirdness here now, but it is still not actually accepting more than one connection. The framework has... Hamish
23:34 Bug #17 (Closed): No telnet option processing is done
Telnet option processing was added in commit:"08ceb73b". This still needs hooking into the serial-data-pump Hamish
23:32 Feature #21: Listen port needs to be configurable
Implemented a console-mode command-line option for this, but not the whole option processing that I was looking for Hamish
23:31 Feature #23: Support "send break" sequence
the telnet option processing framework now exists, but it is not hooked up to anything useful, nor it it reachable fr... Hamish
23:26 Revision 89312c37: Convert run_menu to not busy wait
It took me a while to notice, but the run_menu is written using
blocking file metaphor, but the socket it is working ...
Hamish Coleman
23:24 Revision 08ceb73b: Add telnet option processing, including ECHO support
The amount of effort here seems like overkill, but it seems
to be the practical minimum implementation for telnet cli...
Hamish Coleman
21:12 Revision bd5605dd: Try using getnameinfo to show more information about connected users
Hamish Coleman
20:33 Revision 884971fc: Add connection table debugging, net byte counting, some more thread interlocks
Hamish Coleman
19:49 Revision c7c4a6f7: Migrate most of the menu system into the connection structure
Hamish Coleman
18:04 Revision c0d1e8fe: Clean up lots of compile warnings.
I have been getting lots of errors while testing under wine, so this
is the start of looking for problems. I have no...
Hamish Coleman
17:49 Revision ef78cec5: Start to implement a connection table
This change is only half baked as I still have not altered the rest of the
threads to use the new connection table. ...
Hamish Coleman


22:30 Revision 780d7607: Add winelib support and the ability to set the listen port
Hamish Coleman


18:32 Feature #23 (Closed): Support "send break" sequence
Once we support telnet option processing, it would be good to send a serial break sequence when a telnet send break i... Hamish
18:30 Revision 0bcbd4d3: More cmdline processing fiddling
Hamish Coleman
18:13 Feature #22 (New): Visible progress indicators displayed on the console
In order to provide feedback and reassure the end user that something is happening, it would be nice to have some fee... Hamish
18:06 Revision b9a4e090: More cmdline processing hacks
Hamish Coleman
17:10 Revision c2484981: Fix mode autodetection, change default tcp port back to 9600
It turns out that my telnet client doesnt work at all when I default
to port 23. Instead of debugging this problem a...
Hamish Coleman
17:00 Revision 62727af2: Detect if we are running as a service or console app. Change listen port to 23
Hamish Coleman
16:56 Feature #21 (New): Listen port needs to be configurable
Currently, the port that this application will listen on is hard-coded. There should be the ability to configure thi... Hamish
16:36 Revision b0f1897b: Add a quit option to the menu and update help texts
Hamish Coleman
16:10 Revision d51f658a: Use strtok for commandline tokenisation
Hamish Coleman
15:56 Revision 53110989: Factor the menu handling code and slightly clean it up.
closes 18 Hamish Coleman
15:55 Bug #18 (Closed): menu interpreter cannot handle receiving CR LF
15:55 Revision 695889f3: Add a makefile target for testing the application
Hamish Coleman
15:51 Bug #20 (Closed): cannot return to menu
Once a connection to the serial port is established, there is no method for returning to the original menu Hamish
15:50 Bug #19 (Closed): more than one connection causes wierdness
If the first connection is in the menu and a new connection arrives, it hangs.
If the first connection is talking ...
15:19 Revision 9b2f3609: More debug message changes
Hamish Coleman
15:00 Revision 25fa1d20: More debug print statement cleanups
Hamish Coleman
13:47 Revision 1b031c2b: Dont copy as much stuff to the windows compile system
Hamish Coleman
13:46 Revision 12cf305b: Sanitise the excessive number of lines used by all output messages
Hamish Coleman
13:38 Revision e6a4efc5: Create a dprintf function and convert all log messages to use it
Hamish Coleman
13:01 Revision 84d7e6f5: Update version to mark this one as compiling
Hamish Coleman
13:01 Revision d4040099: First version that compiles with mingw. Tested and working
Hamish Coleman
12:32 Revision 9db975ea: Update makefile to stop using lcc
It turns out that my previous testing was all invalid as lcc could
not even correctly compile a hello world program.
Hamish Coleman
12:31 Revision 61b53eda: Start makeing some minor changes
Hamish Coleman
11:10 Revision b6970c98: Move the include statements around - this version compiles
Hamish Coleman
11:02 Revision 62045e98: Remove CR's from every line
I noticed that not every line had a CRLF and that this was screwing up viewing
diffs and confusing various editors. ...
Hamish Coleman
10:58 Revision a584276e: Add compile line to makefile
Hamish Coleman
09:59 Revision 9deea067: Add enough CR's to make vi realise that this is a dos format file
Hamish Coleman
09:56 Revision 4a634bca: Add initial makefile
Hamish Coleman


22:47 Bug #18 (Closed): menu interpreter cannot handle receiving CR LF
When using telnet in linemode, the telnet process appears to send both a CR and a LF to the remote system. This is n... Hamish
22:44 Bug #17 (Closed): No telnet option processing is done
Connecting to the server using a standard telnet client results in some garbage as the client attempts option processing Hamish
22:42 Bug #16 (Closed): Extra line is seen after every enter
pressing enter appears to be interpreted by the serial device as two enters. Hamish
17:44 Revision ff03d660: Newer version from
Hamish Coleman
17:43 Revision 78d4c0b0: Original version from
Hamish Coleman

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